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Become a Website Developer and Reseller

The income opportunities you now have with our 25 Niche Website Package are endless, you have the ability to create an unlimited number of sites for your own personal use. You really are only limited by your imagination.

However, we know that ambitious marketers want to take things to another level and that's why with much deliberation we have decided to offer a limited number of  DEVELOPER RIGHTS licenses for our 25 Niche Website Package. This means you can create an unlimited number of sites for clients and also SELL each site you create as many times as you wish.

There is Big Money to be Made Selling Websites

Between us we have sold over 50,000 websites to the online marketplace so we know how lucrative this business can be. The thing we haven't shared till now is most of the websites we sell are simple websites we sell over and over again.

This is Something That ANYONE Can Do!

Just go to or and you will see thousands of simple starter sites sell for $100+ all day long, some even sell for thousands of dollars. There really is big money to be made selling simple low cost starter websites.

And this doesn't even factor in the money that can be earned selling personalised websites for clients. Once you become established you can command prices that can run into thousands of dollars.

Now I'm not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting you will be selling sites for thousands of dollars each right away but it's not something that impossible to achieve as I have built sites for clients that have commanded a high price many many times.

The Starter Site Set up Secret

I'm now going to reveal to you something that no one else talks about as a website developer and reseller.

Selling Web Hosting...

There are a lot of savvy marketers selling websites on eBay, flippa and even Fiverr for low prices because they include web hosting as part of the initial deal. They may offer the first months hosting free but after the free trail the client has to pay monthly to keep their site online.

Add to this a support package where you monitor and provide help when required and you can easily command monthly fees around the $9.99 - $29.99 mark. This is the ultimate recurring income model.

Even if you sold just one site per day and sold hosting and support for only $9.99 after 6 months you would be bringing in $1798 in recurring income, and this doesn't count the income you are earning from selling your websites.

Can you see the HUGE potential on offer here?

Don't Have Any Skills?... No Problem!

We'll Show You Everything!

In the Members Area we provide you with FULL training how to get your websites online, this includes absolutely everything, no matter what skill level you are at, you'll learn everything you'll ever need...


The more websites you create the more you can sell. Remember that you can build websites in minutes with our unique Website Building Tool that is built into all 25 Niche Websites, just edit any one of the websites and simply change the content in a few minutes. You'll have a HUGE portfolio in no time at all.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create your very own endless supply of starter websites that you can sell to clients or sell online over and over again, and with a little time and effort build a real online business that you can be proud of?

Get ready to become a big time website owner and have MULTIPLE websites online generating sales constantly.

And we are so confident that you are going to love this product that we are willing to give you a complete no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on this purchase!

With a DEVELOPER LICENSE to all these 25 Professionally designed, 'Done For You' niche targeted websites, you have the ability to create an online empire that will generate a constant income online.

Here's a Preview of The Sites You Already Own, Now Imagine if You Could Simply Edit Them And Sell Them Yourself!

Remember, YOU Control Absolutely EVERYTHING in ALL of These 25 Niche Targeted Websites!

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Get Developer/Reseller Rights to

All 25 Ready Made Niche Targeted Websites

  • Yes guys, I'm ready to have my very own online business!
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  • I understand that I'll have the rights to Develop & Resell all 25 Niche Websites.
  • I will also receive a fully editable PSD header source file with each site, allowing me to change any part of them that I want, giving me 100% flexibility.
  • I will also receive UNLIMITED updates, as you will be constantly taking on board suggestions and improvements from customers & continuously improving.
  • I understand that I will get complete, step-by-step video training, showing how I can edit and resell these websites!
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Developer/Reseller License

InstantAzon 25 Niche Website Package - Developer Rights

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