Discover How You Can INSTANTLY Tap Into Amazon’s 250+ Million Product Marketplace to Create Unlimited Income Streams in Seconds!

Watch as I build an income stream from scratch in under 60 seconds...

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Problem Solved in The Click of a Button!

The main problem most people have when they are just starting out is that they have no way to SIMPLY monetize their websites, there's just no way to click a button and generate Super High Quality products that will earn AUTOMATED affiliate income for LIFE!

The Simple Option is to Take Advantage of Amazon!

The income opportunities Amazon provides are endless, there are a LOT of tools and store builders out there to help you take advantage of Amazons HUGE marketplace, but If you’ve ever used some of those you will know how frustrating it can be to get things set up. Most of these are REALLY complicated and VERY time consuming to configure everything, and by the time you are done you start to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

But With InstantAzon You Can Do All This in SECONDS!

If you are looking for a SIMPLE, yet HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to tap into Amazons huge Marketplace and create multiple money making Amazon stores, or even just monetize an existing site you own IN SECONDS

InstantAzon is The Answer!

With InstantAzon you have the power to tap into Amazon’s huge 250+ MILLION Marketplace and create eye catching affiliate based ads in seconds and fully functional professional eCommerce stores in minutes!
InstantAzon gives you all this, and much more, at your fingertips, allowing you to monetize ALL your websites INSTANTLY!

So Why Should You Use Amazon? Check Out These Stats!

Forget Complicated Store Builders.
InstantAzon Can Build a Store in Minutes!

With over 250 MILLION products to target your income potential is only limited by your imagination. InstantAzon is the ultimate shortcut to generating unlimited commissions from Amazon, and it can be done in SECONDS!

Check Out These Awesome Features!

Simple to Install WordPress Plugin!

Just browse for the plugin from your WordPress admin and click ‘Activate’ - That’s it!

Build Your Products in Seconds!

Simply add in your own details from the very simple to use admin panel within your WordPress website in seconds.

Fully Customizable Display Settings!

Choose exactly how you would like your products to be displayed! Colors, fonts, gradients, shadows, borders, buttons, links, rows and columns.

Generate as Many as You Need!

You can generate as many product widgets as you need for as many websites as you like.

Display on Any Website!

Once you have generated your product widget you can display it on any WordPress or HTML website that you choose.

Highly Targeted Results!

You can target all your products on any search term you choose, or even just choose a specific category from our popular categories.

Amazon Retargeting Included

Yes, you will have the weight of Amazon behind you as they will automatically retarget your customers to increase conversions.

Tap Into Over 250 Million Products!

Tap into Amazon’s huge 250+ MILLION Marketplace and create eye catching affiliate based ads in seconds and eCommerce stores in minutes!

Don't Have a Website or Any Skills?... No Problem!

We'll Show You Everything!

In the Members Area we provide you with FULL training how to get your websites set up, this includes absolutely everything, no matter what skill level you are at, you'll learn everything you'll ever need...


Wanna See it in Action?... No Problem!

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Get ready to become a big time Amazon player and get a slice of the action from the worlds most trusted eCommerce platform.

Because InstantAzon is so SIMPLE to configure, yet so POWERFUL anyone can use it.

The Sites You Create Are Primed to Make Sales

Stay at home moms, Students, part time Internet Marketers, full time Amazon players, beginners just starting out and wanting to Monetize their websites, or pretty much ANYONE who wants to earn an Additional Income from Amazon!

Don’t Put This Off Any Longer!

And we are so confident that you are going to love this product that we are willing to give you a complete no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on this purchase!

Every day you put this off will be another day of lost revenue, you know it makes sense to invest in InstantAzon now to get locked in at the lowest possible price.

Forget about pinning all your hopes on that one website that may or may not lead you to success, and start building an online EMPIRE with Automated Income Streams.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your very own endless supply of these income streams that you can tap into INSTANTLY, and with the click of a button generate your own TARGETED products that are automatically affiliated to YOU?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does InstantAzon work on a Mac and PC?

    Yes, As InstantAzon works with WordPress it can be used on any Internet browser so will work on any machine. You can even build your sites from your tablet or cell phone.

  • Can you really build a store in under 60 seconds?

    Yes you can and we have proved this in the video at the top of the page, however, we recommend you spend a little longer building your sites to add some content. Around 5-10 minutes per site.

  • How do I earn money?

    You will earn a commission from Amazon anytime someone clicks a link in your store then goes on to purchase that product or anything else from Amazon within a 24 hour period. This means you can earn commissions on products you don’t even recommend.

  • Can I use InstantAzon on any sites I currently own?

    Yes, with our ‘instant monetization’ feature you can create cash getting content for any site you wish. This can be an existing HMTL or WordPress site.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    Absolutely not, as long as you have a hosting account you will not have anything else to pay. InstantAzon is a ‘one time’ investment and there are no monthly fees, ever!

  • Will I have to pay for updates?

    No, if you invest today you will receive 1 year of free support and updates. In fact we have a lot of exciting things planned for InstantAzon and we will be taking on board user feedback to make this the best Amazon Store Builder online.

  • How Does The Retargeting Feature Work?

    When someone clicks a link in one of your stores but doesn’t buy right away Amazon will automatically retarget your customer to encourage them to buy, this is an extremely powerful form of marketing and it’s all done on autopilot behind the scenes.

  • Whats your refund policy?

    All the risk is on us as we offer a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, meaning you can take InstantAzon for a test drive completely risk free.

Get The InstantAzon Pro Plugin
Complete With MultiSite License

InstantAzon Pro Plugin

Multi Site License

Simple Setup in Seconds

Build Complete Stores in Minutes

Fully Customizable Display Settings

Works on HTML + WordPress Sites

Create on Unlimited Websites

Amazon Retargeting

SSL Ready

Geo Targeting

Free Updates


Please Note* You will be required to be an Amazon Associate with API Approval for InstantAzon to work. We show you how to request approval in the members area.

Payments are made through JVZoo, a secure online retailer.
As soon as you have purchased, we will send you your download details instantly.

See you on the inside!